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                                    Anshan new biological venture Mstar Technology Ltd was founded in October 2017, is located in Anshan city of bay provincial chemical industry park, around the National Road, highway, railway network, traffic is very convenient, very fast and efficient logistics information Shuntong provides strong foundation, convenient for the development of enterprises. Our company adheres to the concept of environmental protection, green, scientific and technological innovation, high technology, you do not have me, you have my fine idea, is a collection of new materials, fine food and cosmetics series of high-end fine chemical industry research and development, production and sales services in one of the high-tech enterprises.


                                    sales one   13953318146( Miao)

                                    sales two 13355297278( Miao)

                                    sales three 13358612222(Jia)

                                    sales four 18678118622( Miao)

                                    Copyright © Anshan venture bio Mstar Technology Ltd All rights reserved.   遼ICP備17018969號-1  Business license
                                    sales one 13953318146  sales two 13355297278  sales three 13358612222  sales four 18678118622 
                                    Technical support: long mining technology group Anshan branch